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Food and Drink

You may not bring any food or drink (including alcohol) to the event with the exception of sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size. Water points are available on site. Empty re-useable water bottles are permitted.


You may not bring any liquids into the event other than sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size or tubes of suncream up to 50ml.

Drugs / Controlled Substances

A drugs search is in operation at the event entrances, if any drugs are found in your posession you will be ejected and passed to the police. This includes new psychoactive substances “legal highs”.

Are Trolleys/Buggies/Pushchairs allowed?

Our production team have now permitted the use of buggies/push chairs on the festival site but only in certain areas. They cannot be used in front of the main stages where it gets busy so security may ask you to move to a safer space to the rear of the crowd. We have also set up a buggy park with a cloakroom style system. The tickets are £5 per buggy which can be purchased HERE.  you drop off your buggy at the covered buggy park with one our staff in exchange for a numbered ticket. You will then be able to collect your buggy when you are ready to leave the site.
Please note folded Picnic blankets are also permitted (though again please do not lay them out in front of the main stage where it will get busy as you will be asked to move to a safer spot).


Only registered assistance dogs are permitted at the event.

Filming Equipment

Unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment is prohibited.

Large Bags

Any bags larger than A4 size are prohibited and there are no cloakroom facilities at the event. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit www.stasher.com. Discretion will be taken by security on the gates for groups with young children (nappy / changing bags).


The event organisers are committed to minimising the impact of the event on the park environment, containers of glitter will be confiscated on arrival.

Dangerous Items

The following are considered dangerous and are not permitted, our security team reserve the right to prohibit:


Glass in any form (including perfume bottles)

Cans or metal containers

Spray cans, Gas canisters or compressed gas in any container

Fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, Chinese lanterns

Camping stoves or cooking apparatus, explosives

Hand held communication devices such as radios, radio jammers / scanners

Firearms, knives or blades, replica weapons of any sort

Large golf umbrellas


Stools / camping sticks / chairs or other furniture – there is seating available around the site if you need to rest your legs

Gazebos or parasols

Sports equipment

Flags and banners

Megaphones, amplification equipment

Klaxons, airhorns or other similar items capable of making loud noise

Laser pens

Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, trolleys

Any other item which security may deem hazardous.

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