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Articles are just like every other type of page within Plot- you can build them out of as many Plot layouts as you want to really have powerful articles filled with useful elements to keep your visitors engaged.

Fluid Content Layouts

Fluid content layouts are important as they allow you to write long form, beautifully laid out content in a lovely, readable way, filling them up with linksbold text, italicised text, or underlined bits.

You can also add imagery, video, audio and playlists with ease using this content type.

An example of an embed

This example is straight from Spotify using the Spotify URL. There’s a huge list of sites you can embed from thanks to Plot being built on top of WordPress, you can see the list here.

Here we show off a second Fluid Content area. You can see how your articles can be built to include content separated by interesting Plot layouts and then continuing with the article with a new Fluid Content area. We’re going to showcase another easy embed now following this section, this time from Vimeo.

This is a third Fluid Content area to finish off our example Article. At the bottom of this article is a Full Image or Video section with a big featured link to elsewhere on the site. You’ll also see a related articles section. This can be turned on automatically in your Event Settings area, allowing you to pull in articles within the same category to this page to help viewer retention.

Another great article

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